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Donate School Supplies to Help Low-Income Children in Northwestern New Jersey

500 Hundred Fully-Stocked Backpacks Distributed Each School Year

Project Self-Sufficiency Welcomes the Donation of New School Supplies for Distribution to Low-Income Families.

New school supplies needed by our families include:

  • glue sticks

  • loose leaf paper

  • erasers

  • scissor

  • pens

  • pencils

  • spiral notebooks

  • backpacks


The annual Back-to-School Fair allows participants and their families to access information about community resources, including household safety, first aid, relationships with schools, effective homework strategies, and more.

School supplies are distributed at the Back-to-School Fair, and used at the Little Sprouts Early Learning Center and at children's programs throughout the year.

School supplies are gratefully received in July and August. Monetary donations to purchase back packs and school supplies are also welcome.

For more information about where or how to donate school supplies, call 973-940-3500.

Sponsor a Backpack!

Don't have time to shop?  Sponsor a backpack for a local student!  Monetary donations allow us to purchase supplies in bulk.  

$25 will purchase and fill a small backpack with the key supplies needed for elementary school students.

$30 will purchase and fill a large backpack with key supplies for middle and high school students.

Prefer to Shop on Your Own?

Here is a wish list for donations.  

We gratefully request backpacks in solid and neutral colors.

Elementary School Backpack Donation Graphic.jpg
High School Middle School Backpack Donation Graphic.jpg

Thank You for Supporting Local Students in Need!

Elenora Benz and Mike Dolan, Rotary
Lou Henry Hoover Camp Donation
Franklin Police with School Supplies
Ibaceta Family
Sparta Athletic Campus Donation, 2021
Terry brought School Supplies, August 2021
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