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Campus to Campus Program Assists Potential College Students along the Road to Self-Sufficiency

Campus 2 Campus is a partnership between Project Self-Sufficiency and Sussex County Community College designed to help non-traditional students take the next step towards college and a career.

Campus 2 Campus

Helping You Get from Here ... to There!

Potential students can take advantage of the following services at Project Self-Sufficiency:

  • Basic Skills Testing;

  • Test Anxiety Support;

  • Application & Financial Aid Forms;

  • Courses of Study - Degree & Certificate Programs;

  • Scholarship Information;

  • Child Care to Fit Each Family's Budget;

  • Campus Tours of Project Self-Sufficiency and Sussex County Community College;

  • Opportunities to Ask Questions.

College IS for you.

We'll help you figure out how to make it work!

Call 973-940-3500 to get started!

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