Project Self-Sufficiency offers help for pregnant women and parents of infants and toddlers in Sussex County, Warren County and Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Nurses and counselors provide instruction in basic childcare, child development, early childhood education, and parenting skills. Fun parent-child activities are included in every visit.


Nurse-Family Partnership


The Nurse Family Partnership® Program at Project Self-Sufficiency offers home visits to pregnant women who are expecting their first child. Nurses assist participants throughout the pregnancy, immediately after the birth and during infancy and early childhood.


Serving Sussex, Warren and Hunterdon counties.

Nurse Family Partnership program offered by Project Self-Sufficiency
Home visits are available to pregnant women and mothers of young children in Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon NJ.

Separate home visitation programs are offered based on the needs of individuals and families. All services are free. Help is available for pregnant women, single parents, teen parents and two-parent families. Participants can receive services in their own home, as well as on-site at Project Self-Sufficiency. Expectant moms, new mothers and mothers of toddlers, as well as their children, are invited to enjoy food, create fun craft projects, and obtain useful information at monthly Mommy Parties at Project Self-Sufficiency.

Healthy Families


The Healthy Families Home Visitation Program is open to at-risk single parents, teen parents and two-parent families. Services are offered during pregnancy and are available until children are three years of age.


Available in Sussex and Northern Warren Counties.

Parents as Teachers


The Parents as Teachers Home Visitation Program is designed for women who are parenting an infant or toddler.


Now serving Sussex and Hunterdon counties.

Healthy Families Program at Project Self-Sufficiency
Parents as Teachers offered at Project Self-Sufficiency

The home visitation programs at Project Self-Sufficiency are funded by New Jersey Department of Children & Families, Division of Prevention & Community Partnerships.


For more information about the Home Visitation Programs at Project Self-Sufficiency of Sussex County, register online, or call 973-940-3500 or 844-807-3500.

Home Visits Help Pregnant Women and New Parents to Build Strong, Healthy Families