Donate Your Car to Project Self-Sufficiency and
Help Someone in Need

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Used Cars in Good Condition Needed for Local Families

Project Self-Sufficiency of Sussex County will gladly accept used automobiles in good condition for use by our participants. Cars must have current inspection stickers and clean titles. Donations of used vehicles are tax deductible.

Reliable transportation is crucial to our participants' ability to access training, travel to job sites, and function within our community.

If you have a used car in good condition, please contact Project Self-Sufficiency at 973-940-3500 to learn how to transfer the ownership of your vehicle and obtain a tax deduction for your donation.

Since 1986, Project Self-Sufficiency has assisted nearly 30,000 families, including more than 60,000 children. With your help, we can reach out to thousands more.

We thank you for considering Project Self-Sufficiency!

Help low-income families by donating a car to Project Self-Sufficiency
Car donation to Project Self-Sufficiency
Donate autos to Project Self-Sufficiency
Donate used cars to Project Self-Sufficiency
Donate cars to Project Self-Sufficiency