The Career Training & Employment Center Facility at Project Self-Sufficiency of Sussex County

The Selective Insurance Group Career Training & Employment Center at Project Self-Sufficiency offers day and evening computer classes, employment skills training programs, testing and assessment.

Computer classes designed for introductory and advanced students are available each week.

The center also offers specialized courses for seniors and for men.

The Career Training & Employment Center features 4 large computer labs, several classrooms, private rooms for one-on-one meetings with counselors, and labs for testing and assessment. Computerized workstations are also available for online job searching and research.

Career and employment-related resources, such as information about job-searching, resume development, and interview skills, are available in our library.

The Career Center staff includes career counselors, job developers, employment specialists, and computer instructors.

For more information about the Career Training & Employment Center at Project Self-Sufficiency of Sussex County, call 973-940-3500.

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Project Self-Sufficiency, 127 Mill Street, Newton, NJ 07860 - Phone: 973-940-3500 - 844-807-3500 - Fax: 973-940-3501 - Email: pss@projectselfsufficiency.org
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The Career Training & Employment Center is a state of the art facility on Project Self-Sufficiency of Sussex County's Newton campus.